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Why You Need Winter Tires in Canada

 Winter Tire

Here we are again. It's the unique time of year when we're told to “brace ourselves” for a classic Canadian winter. A time when meteorologists hit us with weather patterns that start with blue bird skies that transition into a massive snow squall coming from the Arctic as the week ends. Blizzards, freezing rain, icy highways are just a rite of passage into a Canadian winter - and all we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

That preparation starts and ends with you taking care of your vehicle.

The Importance of Winter Snow Tires

Winter tires are proven to perform better than all-season tires in the cold. They can help reduce braking distances by up to 25% in a variety of winter conditions, and not just on snow. Your all-seasons can handle a decent amount on the road, but upgrading to winter tires allow for better grip, handling, traction and all-around confidence in any kind of conditions.

Winter tires have both a flexible rubber compound and unique tread design that allow for fast acting and precise performance to cut through slush and ice. They are the last line of physical traction standing between you and icy terrain - the best stopping and turning performance comes when you have winter tires.

Why Winter Tires Are a Must-Have

All-wheel drive doesn't eliminate the need for winter tires. When you try to stop or turn on snow and ice, an all-wheel drive car performs no better than one with two-wheel drive.

It's worthwhile to mention that swapping out your all-season tires for the winter ones will help preserve its lifespan. This saves on costs down the road and not having to worry about their overall long-term health. A lot of this is because winter tires are designed to handle the colder temperatures and not just the snow, which is a common misconception among drivers. They also help prevent against the deadly “black ice” trap that plagues all Canadian roads. The rubber from winter tires begins gripping the surface imperfections on the ice - just as long as you're easing up on the gas and lighten your grip on the wheel.

Taking the “Rage” out of Tire Storage

Let's face it; the only thing worse than sketchy winter driving conditions is when you have to find a place to store the bulky tires you just took off. That's where we come in. When you purchase a new set of winter tires from Eastside we can store your all-season tires and wheels right here - so that's one less thing to worry about this winter season.

Winter tires are a worthwhile investment that always delivers you a great return. Schedule your appointment today with the Eastside experts and “brace yourself” for the winter ahead.