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What you need to know about brake maintenance

Brake Maintenance

Your brakes need a yearly checkup just as you would go to your doctor for a physical. Neglecting your brakes can be costly and detrimental to the overall health of your vehicle.

Brake systems over the years haven't changed a great deal, but technology in most vehicles still has the hydraulic brake system, with anti-lock brake and ABS. And to keep the brakes lasting longer, they need periodic maintenance - and will ultimately save you money.

Here's how your brakes work

It might seem like a mystery when you press down on the brake pedal to stop this 3,000-pound missile on a dime - but the mechanics of it are rather simple.

Your brake pedal activates the cylinder that applies brake fluid to the calipers that then engage your brake pads. This chain-like reaction will then apply force to the rotors, which create the friction needed to stop the entire vehicle.

It's not a very convoluted process; but all parts need to be healthy and working in unison with each other in order to do their respective jobs. Here's what to watch out for.

4 warning signs to watch for

You need to pay attention to the red flags that your car is telling you. Everything from sights, sounds, feel and even smells can let you know that there is a growing problem.

  1. A burning smell: If you can tell there is a putrid smell coming from your tires - you need to immediately get your car inspected, because these are unsafe symptoms.
  2. A vibration feeling: If your brakes start to feel a little “splashy” and almost seem like they are pushing back at you - then it's a sure fire way that the metal is rubbing together, which could lead to further serious issues.
  3. Having to press down very hard: Your brake pads could be seeing some significant wear and tear if you need to push down even harder just to create the same braking function as you once did.
  4. Screeching to a halt: This is typically the most common warning sign stemming from brake pads that need some TLC. Don't let this slide too long, because it can have a ripple effect.

Give your car a break - and come in to have your brakes inspected!

At Eastside Auto Service we believe in regular brake service in order to prolong the life of your brakes. Over time, brakes will naturally wear down and require repairs. If you ever do experience brake failure, our technicians are skilled at performing brake system diagnostics and repairs. For inspections, the technician will pull the wheels to have a real good look at the pads, the rotors, the calipers and advise you through our Digital Vehicle Inspection what repair or maintenance might be needed.

When it comes to brake services, we actually pull the brakes apart to sand and resurface the brake pads, machine the rotors, lubricate all the slider plates to help the lifespan of your brakes.

Our extensive brake services covers:

  • Brake Pads, Rotors, Shoes and Drum Repair
  • Anti-Lock Brake System Repair
  • Parking Brake System Repair
  • Brake Caliper Repair
  • Brake Master Cylinder Repair
  • Repair of Brake Lines and Hoses as Required
  • Electronic Brake System Repair
  • Brake Fluid Services

Upon a completed inspection, we will send you a Digital Vehicle Report Card that includes everything found in the inspection. You can then decide which repairs to complete and our skilled service advisors will work with you through the entire process. We also offer financing for brake repairs and servicing. We even back up any of our brake replacement and repairs with a two-year, 40,000 km warranty, which doubles the industry standard. And we can service brakes on cars that are still in warranty, which is important to get that vehicle back on the road as cost-efficient as possible.

Book your appointment today - and get a jump start on the weather ahead.