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I love walnuts in many forms. Cracking them open and eating them right from the shell. Savouring the awesome maple glazed walnut crusted salmon my wife makes. Enjoying a tasty banana honey-walnut muffin. Yum Yum!! Let's not forget the many health benefits of walnuts as well. It is said that they help weight loss, induce sleep, are great for your hair, make your skin glow, and prevent heart disease to name just a few!

At Eastside Auto Service, we have a new way of enjoying walnuts and their shells! Have you ever heard of Crushed Walnut Blasting? If you are driving a vehicle utilizing direct fuel injection like Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Ford and many more, you soon will. Due to the design of their direct fuel injection systems, these engines are notorious for developing excessive carbon build up on the intake valves that leads to major driveability issues. These issues range in severity from a check engine light on in the dash, loss of power, to multiple cylinder misfires causing the vehicle to shake and run very rough. Until now, the only cure was to have the engine disassembled to clean off the carbon build up manually. This repair can cost thousands of dollars.

We have saved customers thousands of dollars being able to clean carbon from direct fuel injected engines using a process called Crushed Walnut Blasting. Walnut blasting is when crushed up walnuts are blown into the car's engine with an air compressor. It works like a sand blaster, except that if sand gets inside of your car's engine, it will wreck the engine. That's why we use crushed up walnut shells. Crushed Walnut Blasting is done by removing the intake manifold and blasting it with crushed walnut shells and compressed air, blasting away all of the carbon build up so your car performs like it was supposed to. Like New! Please feel free to call us if you have any questions, or want to know more about this process!
Yes, you could say we have gone a little nuts, but all for good reason! Happy Motoring!!