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Wheel Alignment & Suspension Service

Does it feel like your car is driving you rather than you driving your car? Is your car pulling you left and right and just doesn’t seem to know who’s boss?

Our Suspension and Steering specialist will check every component to ensure your car’s safety and reliability.

Oakville Suspension & Alignment Specialists

Wheel Alignment & Suspension Service

When your car is having alignment or suspension issues, our technicians perform a detailed diagnostic analysis to accurately determine the required part replacement to correct the issue. At Eastside Auto Service we use the latest equipment to ensure the vehicle is properly realigned to keep the vehicle driving straight.

Proper alignment is extremely important in preventing tire wear. Like our other services, we send all of our customers a Digital Vehicle Report Card to inform you of what was found in the inspection.

After receiving this report, customers can decide which repairs are performed and our service advisors stay in continuous contact with our valued customers. Did you know..our suspension and alignment specialists can also install
lowering kits and performance products on your vehicle!