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I completely disagree with the previous review by Lauren Y. Jeremy and Devin are fair and professional, and the owner, Glenn Colling, has a high commitment to Customer Service. This shop has been in business for over 40 years. Do you think they would still be in business if they jerked people around on a regular basis? Lauren, I've been a customer of this shop for over a year. I referred my mother to this shop. I've never experienced anything remotely close to what you describe. If you look on the Facebook page for this shop, you see nothing but positive comments. Perhaps you are not telling the full story here, Lauren. I'm not interested in getting into a flame war with you; I'm just interested in balancing the viewpoints out here. //Cerium398


Very helpful selecting winter tires. Good price and pleasant service. I would recommend this shop.


Great Quick Service. Honest Owners who really care that you are satisfied with their service (they emailed and called us a week later to ensure we were happy with their work). Exceptional mechanist shop experience. Get your emission test here – If you don’t pass you don’t pay for the emissions test!